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Lerici is an Italian town of 10,017 inhabitants in the province of La Spezia in Liguria. It is the fourth in terms of population in the province. It’s one of the three towns bordering Golfo dei Poeti, together with Portovenere and La Spezia. Lerici , which boasts famous guests in its history, as Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley Birce , is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Liguria, both for the Italian than for the foreign tourism.

Lerici boasts a beautiful promenade, with many beaches and establishments, beautiful peaks overlooking the open sea, as Maralunga, and Tellaro fraction, which is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy . There are many churches, larger and smaller, that populate the town , and a magnificent castle that dominates all the small Gulf , and the modern, but no less charming, villa Marigola. In Lerici you can stop to eat, have a drink or an ice cream on virtually the entire walk to the seafront .

There are many events , especially in the summer , that see the town involved: participation in the ‘Palio del Golfo’, ‘Lerici Pea’ poetry competition , the ‘Golfo dei Poeti Film Festival’, the ‘Tellaro Film Festival’ , the ‘Agave di Cristallo’ prize , the ‘Festa di S.Erasmo’, until the most recent ‘Lerici legge il mare’.

• Wikipeda http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lerici
• Town hall site http://www.comune.lerici.sp.it
• Site of castle’s museum http://www.castellodilerici.it

• Castello di Lerici
• Villa Marigola
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