Mstaff Catering, a leading company in the field of banqueting for weddings and corporate events, set in La Spezia and operating in all of Liguria and Tuscany, focusing on the areas famous Cinque Terre, Lerici, Portovenere and the Versilia.

Mstaff Catering started with a huge vision that now has become a reliable reality at the service of individuals and companies demanding more than an accurate and prestigious banqueting. Those who choose Mstaff catering look for a partner which is able to create a unique and memorable event.

The highest quality of the service is provided from a very qualified and highly professional staff’. The personnel always attend training courses to work as: waiters, barman, chefs and buffet builders. Our goal is to create events that leave their mark, with a staff always appropriate to the size of the event, and which is able to harmonize each single ingredient with our customers’ needs.

 Weddings and gala dinners
Cocktail & light buffet
Open day & showroom service
Thematic multisensory concepts of events
Food and wine planning events
Food design events