Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of coast on the eastern Ligurian Riviera, located in the province of La Spezia between Punta Mesco and Punta Montenero , in which there are five villages or , as it was in ancient times , lands , listed here from west to east : Monterosso al Mare , Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola , Riomaggiore. Cinque Terre are one of the main tourist attractions of the Riviera of La Spezia , and in general of Liguria .

In 1997 , at the request of the province of La Spezia , Cinque Terre , together with Porto Venere and the islands of Palmaria , Tino and Tinetto have been included as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 1999 was then established the National Park of Cinque Terre for the preservation of the ecological balance, and the protection of landascape and of anthropological values of location.

Cinque Terre are especially renowned for their spectacular nature. They are ideal for trekking, with two paths that reach and cross the territory of the Cinque Terre, both reported by the section of the CAI La Spezia. A typical destination for walkers loving stunning views is the well-known ‘Via dell’Amore’, a pedestrian street overlooking the sea, with a distance of just over a kilometer, joining the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. Cinque Terre is a typical summer destination, thanks to the sea and the numerous beaches, coves and caves which can be reached either by land, by train or car, than by sea by ferry or private boat .

In addition to the sporting and summer tourism , the Cinque Terre are also a popular wine tourism destination, thanks to the typical local and fisheries, and cultural / folk tourism destination , thanks to the numerous fairs and festivals that are organized during the summer months. The Blue Guide of Legambiente gave the territory of the Cinque Terre the ‘Cinque Vele’ (2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999) and in 2006 the same Legambiente ‘Guida Blu’ crowned Cinque Terre like the queens of “the quality sea”. In 2013 the Cinque Terre have been set for some scenes of the film The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese

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• Castello di Riomaggiore (Riomaggiore)
• Buranco (Monterosso)
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