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Lunigiana is an historical region divided between Liguria and Tuscany and its name comes from the ancient Roman city of Luni, located at the mouth of the Magra river , not far from where today stands Sarzana.

Many municipalities are part of Lunigiana : Aulla, Bagnone, Casola in Lunigiana, Comano, Filattiera, Fivizzano, Fosdinovo, Licciana Nardi, Mulazzo, Podenzana, Pontremoli, Tresana, Villafranca in Lunigiana, Zeri, Ameglia, Arcola, Bolano, Castelnuovo Magra, Ortonovo, Santo Stefano di Magra, Sarzana and Vezzano Ligure.

Apart from the impressive Castle Fosdinovo and the Aquila Castle, other points of interest in Lunigiana are the ‘Museo delle Statue Stele lunigianesi’, the ‘Museo Etnografico della Lunigiana’, the ‘Museo di Storia Naturale della Lunigiana’ in Aulla, the near ‘Orto Botanico dei Frignoli,’ the ‘Museo del Territorio dell’Alta Valle Aulella’ in Casola in Lunigiana and the ‘Museo dell’Emigrazione della Gente di Toscana’. Many festivals, throughout the year, are organized in the municipalities of Lunigiana, ‘la festa della fame e della sete’ in Filattiera , the ‘sagra dei testaroli’ in Fosdinovo, the ‘sagra del Panigaccio’ in Podenzana and the ‘Fiera di San Genesio’ in Filetto di Villafranca.

The Lunigiana , thanks to its warm climate and its lush vegetation , is an ideal place for trekking , running or cycling, as well as offering the chance to bathe in the streams that cross the region, or into the sea.

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• Villa Enrica (Villafranca)
• Podere Conti (Filattiera)
• Ponte del Vegnuti (Fivizzano)
• Castello di Filattiera (Filattiera)
• Convento del Carmine (Fivizzano)
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