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Portovenere is an Italian town of 3,691 inhabitants in the province of La Spezia in Liguria and it is the smallest town in the province of La Spezia. Since 1997, Porto Venere, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino , Tinetto and Cinque Terre has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List .

The beaches of the area are very popular , thanks to the strong current and the crystal clear water of the Ligurian Sea, that near the coast reaches discrete depths. Are to be reported even the beaches of the northwest side of the island of Palmaria, mentioned in the ‘Guida Blu’ of Legambiente and Italian Touring Club . Above the ancient village of the country, the cliff and the islands of the archipelago, there is the regional natural park of Porto Venere. In addition to the small roads that run through the whole country , Portovenere offers breathtaking views , such as those that can be seen from ‘Chiesa di San Pietro’ , or from ‘Grotta di Byron’, or from ‘Chiesa di San Lorenzo-Santuario della Madonna Bianca’. Typical structures are the Tower and the Gateway to the historical center too, the ‘Castello Doria’, ‘Forte Cavour’, ‘Forte Umberto I’ and the ‘Fortezza del Varignano’.

Portovenere is one of the villages taking part to the ‘Palio del Golfo’, and is home to the atmospheric traditional ‘Festa della Madonna Bianca’, during which many local people and foreign ones come to Portovenre . In the summer months there is a shipping service with the help of boats and ferries that connect the port of Porto Venere with the neighboring towns of Lerici , La Spezia and the main towns of the Cinque Terre. A local transport service via boatmen , continuously connects Porto Venere to the nearby island of Palmaria .

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• Site of Portovenere natural park http://www.parconaturaleportovenere.it
• Site of port of Portovenere http://www.portodiportovenere.it

• Castello Doria
• Fortezza Umberto I (Isola Palmaria)
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