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Sarzana is an Italian town of 21,730 inhabitants of the province of La Spezia in Liguria. It is the second largest town in the province by population, after the capital of La Spezia and the fifth urban area in the region.

Sarzana has many attractions and fascinating places to visit on its territory; squares such as ‘Piazza Matteotti’, ‘Piazza Garibaldi’ and ‘Piazza Calandrini’ and the many squares that dot the city, the many atriums (which you can visit during the event of the ‘Atri Fioriti ‘ in April of each year), the beautiful ‘Fortezza Firmafedee’, the two doors at the ends of the city with their typical towers, the Town Hall , the ‘Basilica di Santa Maria’, the ‘Pieve di Sant’Andrea’ , the ‘Chiesa di S.Francesco’ with its cloister , the historic ‘Teatro Impavidi’. Sarzana has many restaurants, clubs and bars that make it a center of attraction throughout the year, as a meeting point and a place of recreation.

Sarzana also boasts many cultural, musical and theatrical performances, which always keep the town alice; the ‘Soffitta sulla Strada’ , the ‘Mostra Nazionale dell’Antiquariato’, the ‘Festival della Mente’, the International Acoustic Guitar Meeting , the ‘Festival Sconfinando’, numerous events and theater festivals , the Prize of Opera Music ‘Spiros Argiris’.

• Town hall site http://www.comunesarzana.gov.it
• Wikipedia http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarzana
 Site of ‘Festival della mente’ http://www.festivaldellamente.it
 Site of ‘mostra dell’antiquariato’ http://www.sarzanaantiquariato.it
• Site of Acoustic Guitar Meeting http://www.acousticguitarmeeting.net
• Site of ‘Sconfinando Festival’ http://www.sconfinandosarzana.it
• Site of ‘nin-nuove interpretazioni’, contemporary theatre festival http://www.nuoveinterpretazioni.it

• Villa Naclerio
• Villa Gli Ulivi (Castelnuovo Magra)
• Made (Ortonovo)
• Fattoria Benelli (Ortonovo)
• Villa Pratola (Santo Stefano Magra)
• Fortezza Firmafede
• Tenuta la Ghiaia
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